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Civilization #1

  • Civilization #1

** Second Edition **
A newspaper about New York City.
Contributors include Darcie Wilder, Weedslut, Emily Segal, Dasha Nekrasova, Anna Khachiyan, Babak Radboy, Julia Panek, Sally Thurer, Bertie Brandes, BrĂ¡ulio Amado + Free TELFAR limited edition poster

Issue #1 features: supermarkets, middle-school, the NYPD, parties, mushrooms, cam girls, ballerinas, mathematicians, croissants, love, herbalism, terrorism, neoliberalism, hygiene, filth, vermine, Home Depot, Zara, spas, sex, panic attacks, the bomb, cancer, shoplifting, money, art fairs, halal karts, the future, the past, the middle, charts, graphs, data, me, you.

Printed in New York, on heavy weight newsprint.